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rp wishlist

general scenarios
✪ im/texting shenanigans
✪ calling in the middle of the night because loneliness
✪ sleepovers
✪ ~murder mystery~ (fake murder and silliness preferred... actual murder mystery still ok though)
✪ playing video games
✪ rainy days (esp. getting stuck in the rain)
✪ modern-day roommates

au scenarios
✪ high school/college
✪ pokemon
✪ hogwarts
✪ persona (with characters not from the universe already)
✪ magical girls/boys/people
✪ 999 (only 999 tho, i haven't played vlr...)
✪ anything involving mythological creatures/monsters/etc.

character specific scenarios
✪ xion bad end
✪ post KH3D xion teaching kairi and/or namine how to keyblade AND/OR learning from aqua. basically just girls bonding and kicking ass
✪ postgame neku going around shibuya and trying to reconcile his old and new viewpoints on life
✪ midgame hope giving into his vengefulness
✪ hope or vanille going cie'th
✪ hope in between ffxiii and xiii-2, when all his friends have left him behind
✪ going past vanille's cheerful front in a serious situation
✪ labrys going to school and having a "normal life" (while still being a robot)
✪ chie's crosscanon cr seeing shadow chie (cr can be established over time)
✪ yukari in a haunted house (this can go for anyone really but it'd be best with her)
✪ franziska in her off time adapting to life in america
✪ anything with nora please help me develop my dumb oc