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play with me!

my character list is here, while my (outdated) rp wishlist is here! go crazy with whatever you wanna throw at me; leave the character you want to thread with in the subject, and i'm cool doing or replying to starters!

body heat / fluff / insomnia / rain / realistic college au / reunion / soulmates / stargazing
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( cont. )

[Fang's positive response gives Vanille a burst of confidence as she begins to lead a waltz, placing one hand around Fang's waist and taking her partner's hand in her other. her loose, fluid movements are no different from the way she used to dance for Fang in their childhood, when even her simple spins and pirouettes were enough to put a smile on the older girl's face after a tiring day on the Pulsian plains. that same smile has found its way onto Vanille's face, even in spite of all they've been through recently.]

How could I not? It's such a nice night—and when do we ever get any of those?

[she may be shorter than Fang, and her center of gravity may be a little different thanks to her monstrous changes, but Vanille doesn't even break a sweat as she goes through the motions. things like this have always been her release from the stressful life on Gran Pulse and the harrowing adventures on Cocoon; why would any of that change now?]
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[Fang adapts easily into the familiar motions, her grin sliding into a gentle smile when the younger Pulsian's does the same.]

Mm. It's been ages. This whole thing's pretty impressive. [The whole Masquerade is, but especially that food table. It's a downright feast by Oerban standards, hors d'oeuvres or not. She chuckles again.]

You've sure been taking advantage of it, dancing with every poor soul that wanders in arms reach. [She's teasing, of course. Fang couldn't help herself. Just as whimsy tended to be Vanille's solace, humor was hers.]
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im sorry they just kind of naturally tend to this

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It's what I do best, isn't it?

[side to side, they sway, dancing like they've done it a thousand times before. with their bodies so close, the familiar intimacy takes hold of the moment. if only this moment could last forever, Vanille thinks almost forlornly.

and yet, before she can lose herself in the music, having Fang here in her arms keeps her grounded in reality. it won't be all fun and games for much longer... her grip on Fang's shoulder tightens a little, lightly digging into the skin with her claws. her eyes widen when she sees the resulting scratches, and she immediately loosens her hand. her smile falters a little as she looks Fang in the eyes.]

I'm sorry. [she pauses, before looking away and concentrating again on the dance. she's gone and ruined it again, hasn't she?] Not even just for that. For... you know. Everything.

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winging this omg

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[A date. It's a date

Or a not-date date, since he's sure Blake will kill him if he says that out loud in front of her. Heh.

But there's a nervous but excited monkey Faunus in front of team RWBY's dorm room, knocking politely on the... window?

Yeah, that's right. He thought he'd surprise Blake by climbing the tree just outside the window. Knocking on their door might attract more attention than Blake wants, and Sun has been scoping out the area to make sure that her teammates weren't around.

Come on, Blake. Don't leave him hanging here! He even buttoned up his shirt for her for once!]
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[Blake is definitely not thinking of this as a date. she doesn't do dates! she's got more important things to worry about than dates. so why, then, does she have this weird "butterflies in stomach" feeling? it couldn't have been the stuff she had for breakfast; otherwise the rest of Team RWBY would be moaning and griping around in the dorm. but nary another soul is to be seen, aside from the cat Faunus herself.

she's in the middle of trying to fight off this weird...anxiety...? by losing herself in the next installment in her favorite series when she hears the rapping at the window. like a cat, her ears perk and she straightens up into a sitting position until she locates the source of the noise... and lets out a rare quiet laugh. shaking her head, she walks over and opens the window, slightly leaning out of it with a smirk on her face.]

Why am I not surprised?
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Well, I could come through the door like everyone else, but I figure this way is a little more exciting!

[He grins wildly at her, despite the fact that he's hanging completely upside down from this tree. From what he can deduce, she looks nice! Nothing super different than her normal attire, but then again, he doesn't think she really needs to change anything when it comes to her style.

Sun reaches out for the top of the window frame and swings himself into the room. Maybe he should have waited for an invitation, but... nah. He's sure she'll be fine with it. It's not as if he'll embarrass her in front of her teammates.]

Almost ready to go?

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xion bb

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[of all of the knights who could have been assigned to the princess, rion was among the least likely. there were a few deficiencies that made him pretty clearly unsuited for the role of "sole bodyguard" on this particular journey.

he didn't have the ability to call for help, being mute. he was mediocre at best in combat (previously, "mediocre" had been "terrible" until one lady satonaka had basically dedicated most of her time to training the boy.) lady satonaka, in fact, being one of the most skilled fighters there (though a bit rough around the edges sometimes, and perhaps not the best in delicate diplomatic situations) would have been a far better choice.

but they'd decided that he would be taking over. they'd assured the princess that despite his height, he was no squire, but a full-fledged knight; despite the fact that he wore lighter armor than a typical knight. he didn't look much the role of a typical knight; there was no sword and shield here, but a spear and a small sword (presumably in case the spear was unsuitable).

it's the first night that they've been able to stop somewhere. it's been difficult communicating; the sort of casual conversation that might have gone by during travels was made a lot harder by the fact that rion pretty much couldn't answer questions that weren't yes or no while on chocobo-back.

it'll be awkward in the inn room. both of them have tried to remain as subtle as possible about who they were. turns out there was only one room available, and it would have looked strange for the pair of them to split up anyway...

for the moment, rion's on the bed, stripping his armor off. don't worry; he has clothes underneath, but have you ever gone around wearing armor all day? it sucks. deal with it, xion. maybe see if you can figure out how to reasonably communicate with your new bodyguard.]
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[Xion is no stranger to awkward situations. her entire life has been one, after all, with recent happenings not exactly helping. as tensions have been rising between the kingdoms, protecting the crown princess to ensure that she would live to see her rightful ascension to the throne has been the number one priority. higher concerns regarding violence and espionage meant she was no longer safe at the castle; the king's council, his most trusted advisers, had suggested the plan to keep her constantly on the move. she'd have one knight to keep her safe; any more than that would have surely turned heads. the idea was to stay in the shadows, to not draw attention, to keep hidden until the castle had been safe to return to.

she'd admittedly thought it strange that Rion had been chosen as her personal bodyguard when she'd first been introduced to him, but she of all people knew that appearances could be deceiving. surely, there had to have been a reason for him to have been assigned to her; she trusted the council's decisions. (perhaps she was a little too trusting.) maybe it was because he didn't fit the usual image of a knight, instead resembling a page with his lack of muscle and sword. dressed as commoners, they very well could have slipped past enemy lines undetected. in any case, it was a thought that neither needed to dwell on.

she'd attempted to make conversation with her new guard while they were on the road, but quickly relented once she'd noticed his lack of responses. she'd reasoned he was focused on making sure the journey had been safe; it was a fair assumption to make, and she'd given it no further thought. she could only imagine how stressful it must have been to take on the assignment he had, after all. there wasn't exactly room for casual conversation then.

it's only when they're resting for the night that she finally breaks the silence between them. they're as safe as they're going to get in this secluded inn, where no one knows who they are or where they're from. as he undresses, she makes the bed across from him, then removes her shoes as she sits down on it. her eyes linger on him for a second, then she speaks in a small, slightly tired voice:]

Um... Sir Lyon, was it? [she pauses for a bit, giving him a hesitant look before quickly appending:] Since we're going to be together for a while, would it be okay to call you by your first name?
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[the reason given was that he was the most likely to blend in and that he was more competent than he looked. the latter is true in that "sort of okay at combat" is better than how he appears, which is "probably about as effective as she looks". that isn't totally fair considering she is probably reasonable in a fight, but... combat, despite his practice, is definitely not his forte.

the former is presumably true in that, being a relatively new knight from a relatively minor household, nobody is going to recognize him. it probably doesn't help that the height difference between him and the princess is ... not vast, though. honestly, they look more like a romeo and juliet pairing running away from home than a knight and princess; and from a distance it's possible to get them mixed up depending on who is wearing what.

all of her ideas about how stressed out and how focused he was weren't entirely wrong, but any concept, any inkling of the idea that he was some sort of cool serious mysterious figure beneath his (cute?) appearance were about to be shattered. when she asks him if she can call him by his first name, he appears startled for a moment, looking at her.

rion is not good at hiding his emotions; it comes with the inability to talk. there's no faking that blush that is creeping up his cheeks as he nods enthusiastically, realizes he probably looks like a dork (it is because he is), and immediately breaks eye contact, looking away because here he is blushing like an idiot in front of the goddamn crown princess.

notably, he still has not responded with words yet. it is very likely that nobody told her that he can't talk, because that sounds like a good way to make things even more confusing - which is what they want.]

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[Taesoo isn't really doing anything all that spooky right now— just aimlessly trailing behind random people. It's not like he follows them all the way to their destination, or anything like that. And it's not like he means them any harm, or anything. He is nothing if not a friendly ghost.

And lucky for him, right now he's following a pretty lady! Who he assumes can't see him right now, but he kind of wishes he could flirt with her anyways...]
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[for a spirit medium, Maya's spiritual awareness can be a little lacking sometimes. it's not that she doesn't have the power; she just doesn't know how to completely focus it yet, still being in training. one day soon, though, she's destined to become the master of the Kurain Channeling Technique—she's gotta keep practicing to uphold the legacy!

while it's true that she can't see Taesoo right now, she sure can feel something behind her. she turns around, equal parts apprehension and curiosity evident in her expression. with the absurd amount of times she's been kidnapped and/or framed for murder, she can't help but be a little cautious...]

Is anyone there?

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[It wasn't often that Chika had gone down to the city being a countryside girl. But this was important for promoting her school idol group. That's why she decided to stake out in Shibuya today. There were tons of people there who she was bound to get the attention of. So that's why she's standing on a box wearing a bandana with her idol group name on it and is handing out flyers to anyone who walks pass.

And she didn't forget the important thing: Her megaphone. She was a loud person on proxy, but this was bound to send her voice into obnoxiously higher octaves.]


[She's been yelling into her megaphone for the past hour. The biggest question is why the police haven't told her to quiet down yet.]
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[even with as much as he's changed during the course of the Reaper's Game, Neku admittedly still finds some old habits hard to break. one example he still exhibits from time to time is his low tolerance for the annoying. it's impressive that, even at the half block distance between them, as well as the fact that he's listening to his MP3 player on full blast, he can hear her voice—or shrieks, really—through the noise.

with frustration-bordering-on-contempt in his tone—though still with his headphones in, because they have some degree of noise-cancelling technology—he flatly says,]

Can you not?

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Ryslig AU says suffering o'clock

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[It's getting worse, that sickness and leaden fatigue that settles in her bones every time the fog spits her back out into the world of the living. Near-death experiences were dime a dozen to Fang, but actually dying, well... She didn't think she'll ever get used to that.]

[Fang didn't return the first day of the fog or the next. She came trudging back through the door to their residence early on the fourth night, looking utterly exhausted, after spending a day resting on the beach she woke up on and traveling in short bursts.]

[Vanille's probably worried sick more than she usually is. At least Fang shows up looking like a normal gargoyle again; gone was the absurd wingspan, crown of horns, boiling blood, and dire need to burn everything. The bugs were gone, Fang was sure of it, and beneath all that weariness, she couldn't be more overjoyed for that.]

Sorry to keep you waiting. [If only that damned archaic computer came back from the dead with her, showing up days late wouldn't be such an problem.]
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[gargoyles' petrification doesn't always mean unconsciousness. there have been days upon days that Vanille has been unable to rest even while deprived of her ability to move as her body crystallized as soon as day broke. it's the worst feeling, being aware of the world around you as things continued moving forward while you're literally stuck in time. at least when she and Fang had been in the pillar, they were mostly at ease; she couldn't say the same of Ryslig's atmosphere.

she could not fathom how these horrible things kept happening to Fang, when all she could do was watch or scream or, in the worst case, just hear about secondhand. their suffering was supposed to be shared, isn't it? something could be said of the amount of times Vanille herself disappears into the fog, only to come back days later, but at least nothing traumatic happens to her when she returns. she somehow doesn't have the propensity for dying that the other Pulsian does.

it's with wide eyes with heavy bags underneath that she greets Fang with on this night. she sucks in a deep breath as she rises to her feet, her wings unfurling as a chill runs up her spine. they beat once with a fervor before she folds them up again, biting her lip and almost drawing blood with her fangs.]

Don't you dare say sorry to me.

[she's not mad, though, even if that's what the phrase usually implies. her voice is shaking, and her eyes are already starting to well up.]

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sorry tl;dr alert

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forgive me my love

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aaaand then whiplash

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Ryslig AU, post-Control of Center, mostly Nyu failing at trees

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[She wasn't sure how she felt about being able to see in the dark, now. Of all the strangeness and horrors and dangers of this place, being able to see what made noises in the dark was far from ominous. It made Nyu confident, being able to cross a room without tripping over anything, and...upset her all the same, as further evidence of what she no longer was. She wasn't human anymore, if she'd ever been; she was horrid and monstrous and scary.

These people that saved her weren't scary, though. They were kind, even when she was frightened or nervous. That made her feel confident too, secure—even curious again.

And there was a noise outside she couldn't quite place. It didn't sound ominous, just a persistent cicada-like drone. Nyu had gone looking for it, peering around shrubs in the evening's shadows, and—something small jumped at her unexpectedly.


[She recoiled, leaping into the nearest tree like some overgrown jumping spider. All eight legs and clawed hands scrabbled frantically at the bark until she was high enough that the branches started to bend under the arachne's weight and...she forgot how to coordinate her legs again, startled adrenaline abandoning her.

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[Vanille, very reluctantly, has accepted the night as her domain. even for as long as she's been on the peninsula, it's been a very jarring change; perhaps even more so, in some ways, even harder to get used to than the wings and scales and claws that made up her physical transformation. the sun used to give her energy, make her want to dance in its rays and forget about the things that bother her; now, it petrifies her, forces her to retreat into the shadows, lest it freezes her in place until it sets.

instead of gracefully playing in the day, she now stalks in the night, the light of the moon a shadow of what she used to enjoy. she finds she cannot wait at the roost she calls home, or else Fang may be tempted to check on her; she can't risk things while Fang is still human, because how could she possibly live with herself if anything were to happen should her monstrous instincts overpower her last vestiges of humanity?

she's brought out of her brooding reverie when the arachne lets out a yelp, and the sound of branches about to snap echoes through the night. with her eyes wide as she looks up and sees the other girl, she brings a hand to her mouth, and asks with genuine concern,]

Goodness—are you all right?

[thank goodness the other girl is a fellow monster; she'd be tempted to just run away had she been a human.]

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[ weiss schnee. weiss schnee doesn't mind that her father calls her every single day to check up on her. she's been in college for two years already! SHE'S FINE. she's always a dean's lister and is the pet of every teacher. everything is great for her! although sometimes, her bossy attitude has its downsides. some of her classmates don't like her, and when they're grouped together for a project, they just leave everything to her. "oh weiss, you're so smart. you can do this!" or "oh weiss, i'm sure you don't need OUR help since you're so great!" ]

Fine! I can do this on my own. I don't need you, or you, or you.

[ she points at her classmates as she spins her swivel chair in her room. of course, her classmates are imaginary. there is no way she would let those kinds of people into her room. besides, nobody should be playing with zwei aside from her.

... and ruby's friends, i guess.

and because of this project, it means an all-nighter! hopefully ruby won't mind that the lights of their room will be switched on the entire time until morning. and hopefully ruby is still out, because: ]

Dear Ruby,

I need you to pick up some grinded Arabica coffee beans for me. I'll pay you when you get back, of course.

Yours truly,
Weiss Schnee

[ you don't have to text that way EVERY TIME, weiss. ]
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[in striking contrast to Weiss, Ruby is... lacking, in most areas. being someone who got into college a little early thanks to her superb track-and-field records makes her feel awkward and distanced from a lot of the student body. it's a wonder that Weiss Schnee, actual debutante, is someone she can call a "friend," even if she puts a little more stock into it than the other girl.]


[... and that's all she says. it's about an hour after she sends that text that she gets back to their room. judging by the way Weiss worded her message, Ruby assumes her roommate is still awake... but just in case, she tiptoes up to the door and slowly pushes it open. she peers into the room, and once she sees that the lights are still on, she at least stops worrying about waking Weiss up.]

Hey Weiss. Still working? —Oh, yeah, I got your coffee!

[with grocery bag in hand, she makes her way over to a table to set it down. the bag's contents are a mix of Ruby's snacks and dog food for Zwei, but perched at the top is a package of coffee beans! ... except it's not exactly the one that Weiss had asked for; it's the supermarket's generic brand, with a hastily-scrawled "ARABIKA" label taped to it.

Ruby hopes Weiss doesn't notice.

(she's totally going to notice.)]

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((Poke that is...))
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[Xion vaguely remembers her early life in Alola before her parents had whisked her away to Unova for business purposes, where she'd spent countless days waiting in line to get the ever-popular Casteliacones with her new friends in Castelia City. just in time for her to start her Pokémon journey, family matters had yet again seen to her moving back to the island chain, even though most of the friends she'd known back then had already departed for their own adventures. it'd been so long ago, she wasn't sure they would have even remembered her in the first place...

for whatever reason, one of those old friends had stuck around by the time she'd come back to Iki Town; Xion had been shy around him initially for the reasons mentioned above, especially because she felt like he'd definitely been closer to the friends who'd started their journeys early, but... whatever projecting she was doing had gone unfounded, as the two of them agreed to traverse the region together anyway.

it's basically the morning of their scheduled departure, and goodbyes to family have already been said, but Xion doesn't look so ready to go.]

Um... Riku, have you seen Mimikyu?

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hmmmm idk who this could possibly be for

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[This is so surreal, and given what all of them have been through, that is saying something. But the fact of the matter is that Naminé never would have hoped or thought that she would be her own person again, separate from Kairi without any adverse affects. She had hoped that Roxas would be the one to be the exception, able to exist separate from Sora, because he would be integral and important as his own person. She never thought that Riku and the others would try to find a way to bring her out too after all she did.

It was jarring and a bit nerve-racking to be honest. Naminé remained grateful and accepted it, but it's hard to believe that she'll have a part in the battles to come.

Even harder for her was that they accepted her request, sort of. Truly, it was just a casual conversation that she was having with the new Master Riku about wanting to do more, help more. And strangely, he seemed to accept the idea of training her. But not him personally, the little Nobody could tell he still wasn't confident enough in his new position to do so. But another Master might be more suited to the role...

So that's how and why Naminé is here, in this strange new world with blended features from both the Land of Departure and Castle Oblivion. It makes this place feel a little foreign despite the fact that it technically is her birthplace, and that plus the upcoming meeting and training with one Master Aqua, makes her very uncertain with what wad to come.

But she offered to help, and help is what she's going to do.

So she presses on into the castle until she finds the particular room they were meant to meet in.]
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[after having spent so much time in the dark realm, it's strange for aqua to once again be part of the world of light. years and years had passed while she wandered seemingly forever; she'd almost forgoten what it was like to be touched by the sun's rays. yet here she is, standing under the sky she'd left behind with her two best friends.

she'd always known that boy, sora, would be the key.

she never did think that she'd be using her master status as it was meant when eraqus had conferred it upon her, though—that is, training new keyblade wielders, new forces in the battle against xehanort. it'd only been recently that she'd been introduced to the heartless, so the nobodies are even more of an unknown variable to her. but she'd been told that, despite their birth from nothingness, between the realms of both light and dark, these two—roxas and naminé—were different.

roxas, admittedly, looked too much like ven for aqua to handle; he was still housed within castle oblivion, sleeping, while terra still had yet to be rescued like aqua was. it was with a heavy heart that she had to pass on mentoring sora's nobody, instead entrusting his training to the new master, riku. she could handle the girl, though.

while aqua was surprised to learn that naminé's other, kairi—the young girl aqua remembered meeting in radiant garden all those years ago—inherited the keyblade thanks to aqua herself, it ultimately made sense in the end; it seemed like the second coming of her, terra, and ven, in a way. while they still didn't know if naminé had inherited kairi's keyblade, like roxas had with sora, if the young nobody was willing to learn, who was aqua to refuse?

it's in the room that her keyblade armor has resided for the last ten years that aqua asks naminé to meet her; a little morbid, maybe, but it reminds her of what she's fighting for. when the nobody enters, aqua turns her eyes away from the armor and looks up, welcoming her in.]


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[when your best friend is a thrill-seeking, dimension-hopping witch, you kind of get used to long stretches of time without them, even if you too have this special ability. fortunately for nora, though, she can rest happy that any time omega bounds off to some faraway plane to wreak her own special brand of chaos; someone has to keep the peace at home! besides, she knows that always means omega will come back with a great story.

... well, maybe not always. (usually, though!)

case in point being this latest excursion. the details of omega's story don't get past the opening line at this point, as the normally bubbly nora explodes with concern, her voice cracking.]

What do you mean, a murder game? What the heck kind of place did you land your butt in this time, Omega?!
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That's just it! I didn't land my butt there, I wound up there without wanting to! It pulled me there. And it's just what it says on the tin. Some elder god thingy was making me and a bunch of other people just kill each other for no reason! It was garbage.

[ She did bring back Nora a keychain, though. ]

And what's worse is the best person I met there is still trapped... he was so funny and legit, but he offered to trade his life for everyone else's who had died... including me. We were all got brought back to life and were able to go home, but he told me I better not stay to save him. He said I needed to come back as the strongest witch in the world if I wanted to save him.

[ She sighs... dare I say it? Omega made a legit friend! ] What a stubborn guy. I mean, I'm glad to see you again, but thinking about how he's still there...

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